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(JIRSA stands for "Java Interactive Roleplaying System Application")

'jirsa' is a java application to ease the life of the Roleplaying Game Master, including:

  • maps
  • distance and travel times calculation
  • weather
  • ambient sounds
  • weapons management

It's easily expandable, since it's build with several tabs.
Up till now it supports The Lord Of The Ring's RPG map and weather zones.

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System requirements

Get it:

SourceForge project page
Download from SourceForge File section
(substitute x.x.x with release number, for example 0.0.3)

  • extract the content of jirsa_x.x.x_binary.tar.gz into a directory of your choice
  • launch it:
    in unix-like environments, by running script,
    in windows-like environments, by running start_jirsa.bat
  • enjoy:-)

For version 0.0.3 you'll have to download jirsa_0.0.3_resources.tar.gz and
jirsa_0.0.3,jar from SourceForge files section, extract the former into a
a directory, copy jirsa_0.0.3.jar there, then run with:

java -jar jirsa_0.0.3.jar

If you like to use your own/preferred database engine, you'll need to:

  • create needed tables, using sql scripts you can find under src/data/
  • install database's jdbc driver, providing it could be accessed in CLASSPATH
  • edit file etc/, filling in values needed to open the connection to your jdbc database

howto get it via svn (Subversion):

svn co jirsa

Browse Subversion (svn) Repository

the project © 2005-2006 Mauro Pagani
this page © 2006 Paul T.Threshold